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Customer Testimonials

"I am so pleased with your seed. I told my friends about it and they have bought it ... I am so pleased that the squirrels have gone away ..."

B.W., Richmond, VA

"I have found your Pepper Treat Wild Bird Seed to be very effective in keeping squirrels away..."

M.C., Amherst, NY

"I no sooner put bird food in the feeders, when what do I get but squirrels. When I saw your Squirrel Free food I was so excited. I bought two bags. Low and behold, the squirrels do not even come close. I want to thank you so much."

E. J., Tewksbury, MA

"Since I have always been troubled with squirrels in my numerous bird feeders, I was anxious to try your product. I was pleased and impressed! After just two weeks of using this feed, I no longer have squirrel problems."

B.V., Packwaukee, WI

"We have a real squirrel problem where I am located…No matter what I have tried, I have failed to discourage them. I have tried your treated bird seed and have found that it really works. Whatever is in the seed, it keeps them away. Thanks for a fine product that works!"

J.P., Tonawanda. NY

"This year the squirrels are worse than ever. We tried everything and nothing would stop them. I happened to see the bird seed you sell and began to use it. I have no problems with squirrels…it gets the job done."

F. B., Leeds, AL

"I want to thank Dr. Dunn for giving me the e-mail address. I will be placing my order as soon as I sign the guest book.
I couldn't be happier with your product. My back yard has had very few birds these past few months since we ran out of your bird seed. I want to thank you for responding to my letter so promptly. You need to put your web site on the packages."
C.G., Indialantic, FL

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