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Pepper Treat™

Pepper Treat™ is the trade name of our patented chili pepper-based technology. Scientists in our laboratories learned that mammals have receptors that send messages (hot, pain, sweat) when they eat chili peppers. These messages are sent through the nervous system and are not a result of any physical damage to the body. In fact, many people in warm climates like to eat hot chili peppers because eating them actually lowers their body temperature. Nature is amazing.

Our scientists also learned that birds do not have the same chili receptors as mammals. It has long been known that birds freely eat peppers and there is even one called a Bird Pepper. Most naturalists believe that nature evolved this way because the "heat" messages to mammals act as a natural defense mechanism. Small mammals would avoid eating the pepper plants allowing them to grow to maturity. Birds, on the other hand, would freely eat the pepper plants, thereby spreading their seeds over wide areas, ensuring the natural propagation of the chili plants. Mother Nature sure is wonderful.

Squirrel Free Wild Bird Products are all based upon these natural ingredients. We have performed many tests to ensure that our products work effectively and that they will not harm either the birds or the squirrels.

Squirrels are smart animals and after tasting the hot birdseed will quickly begin to look for other sources of food. In fact, if you put out Pepper Treat™ products in one area of your yard and squirrel food in another area, the two can co-exist. The squirrels will learn to stay away from the "hot" food intended for the birds. By the way, chili peppers contain vitamins A and D, as well as carotene, and are an excellent source of nutrition for birds.

Squirrel Free Products are designed to utilize nature’s defensive mechanisms which are the natural, humane, all organic solution to ensuring that the wild bird feed is eaten exclusively by the birds.

Birds Love It

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